Niyathi Soft is a leading affordable web development and web designing company in Chennai. Our main aim is to help in the growth of your business by designing and developing user friendly web page design and Development using PHP, AJAX and using MySQL to manage website information. We focus on web design and development for Airlines, Real Estate, Restaurants and Travels.

Our designs combine
Appealing and professional style
Consistent overall layout
Consistent corporate identity
Colors compatibility
Rational space usage
User-friendly interface

We focus on:

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. We use HTML 5 to easily create Websites. HTML 5 allows better interactions, smarter storage, video and audio support, game development and facilitates mobile application development.

We use CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets for giving better look and feel to the pages created on HTML, XHTML and XML. CSS makes the presentation of the HTML and XHTML pages more attractive, easy and understanding. By using CSS we avoid duplication, makes maintenance easier and allows us to make a site-wide change in one place in the websites we develop for our clients.

We use PHP which is a server side scripting language for designing websites. We use the language for writing dynamically generated pages quickly. PHP has the advantage to capture information from websites and control the information that has been captured.

Content management systems (CMS) make publishing our clients content much easier and cost effective. And a growing part of marketing our clients business online involves publishing content on a regular basis.Using CMS we can control information like phone number, or adding a news item. Chances are, though, you will still be happy with the design, and its just the text that needs to be changed.This can be achieved by CMS.

We develop E-Commerce websites for our clients to ensure that they have long lasting web surfer users. Our E-Commerce websites specialize in showing special deals and new arrivals for the websites for our clients. We ensure for our clients that their users are long term.

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