Core Values

Niyathi Software and BPO Services Pvt Ltd has always been driven by its Core Values - Integrity and Honesty, the core values that give a defining stamp of character to our company.

Our core competency is to provide effective and customized cutting edge technical and web designing solutions. Our team of certified technical and web design specialists have outstanding technology and web designing experience.


We respond to our clients' needs, adding qualitative and quantitative value to information services and products.

Innovation and Continuous Learning:

We cater innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and intellectual advancement within the profession.

Results and Accountability:

We deliver measurable results in the effectiveness of our solutions. Our company is expected to operate with the highest level of ethics and honesty.

Collaboration and Partnering:

We envisage creating opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner within the information industry and the business community.

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